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Architectural Drafting and Design Service, and Building Consultancy
We provide concept and sketch designs for r
esidential and commercial buildings,  new buildings, alterations and extensions. We provide the working drawings, specifications and other documents for builders and owner builders, and for the submission to council for planning and building approval.

architectural drafting

Designs and Drafting of residential and commercial buildings, alterations and extensions.

specifications and other documents

For Builders and for the submission to Council, Planning and Building Departments

Computer Aided Drafting

Using the latest Building Information Modelling programs to produce a ‘virtual reality’ and quick preliminary 3D views


John Schreuders


Mostly a sole trader, JSHomeDesign has been drafting and designing houses and commercial projects for over thirty years.  Through out that time, the principal, John Schreuders, has accumulated a lot of experience working in Architect’s and Drafting Services offices. He has also worked alongside Builders on many building sites doing various hands on building works and has assisted several Engineering Practices with site inspections, test reports and drawing tasks.

John is a good listener with a large reservoir of ideas and will find a range of solutions regardless of seemingly impossible situations.

To add to John’s experience in the building field he has also Lectured and Coordinated the Residential Drafting Course at the Great Southern Technical College for a couple of years. ‘You learn even more about Building when you have to articulate it.’

John is also a fully Registered Builder with a Diploma of Building Registration and has built a number of quality homes.

JSHomeDesign has been factoring in energy efficiency, embodied energy and sustainable building concepts into the designs since the seventies.  JSHomeDesign has been involved in the energy efficiency calculations for some time and is always ready to advise on the building’s efficiency.  JSHomeDesign now works along side an Accredited Energy Efficiency Assessor to provide Council with the documents to satisfy the current six star energy efficiency rating.

The building styles that JSHomeDesign have done are many and varied, from farm houses through to revisiting the Federation style, Bush School style, work on Heritage Projects through to Alternative Off the Grid houses, GEHA and Modern New Millennium buildings.

Some of the design, drafting or building of commercial projects include: hotels, shopping centres, shops, banks, churches, railway control centre, mechanical/engineering and other workshops, wineries, restaurants and schools.

John welcomes the challenge to help his clients shelter themselves in the best possible way.

Recent Works

A Building Project on the Outskirts of Albany

I was approached by some friends of a very happy couple for whom I had done some house plans. These friends mentioned they would like me to incorporate solar principals and wanted the ‘right sized house’, not too big but not too small. Their grown up children had left home and so they wanted a guest area. They also required an informal open living area and a separate lounge, outdoor living area, herb and veggie garden out from the kitchen, a garage for large vehicles, a large workshop out the back, water tanks and more.

One of the first things I did, and have been doing for decades, was to have a look at the block. It was in a nice spot with views to the east and north east. Keeping the informal living and al fresco areas to the north and designing the right amount of glazing and having ‘lights’ in the verandah made for comfortable living spaces. Over the French doors that led out to the al fresco area, glazing was placed to let light stream into the vaulted ceiling of the dining room.  [Also one meter square glazed and flashed skylights were used over the wet areas and in the south facing kitchen.] Three dimensional renders, a walk through and sketches made visualization easy for the clients.

On another site visit I ascertained the wind category and the soil type. I took the levels and after checking that my clients didn’t mind steps, the design then followed the contours of the land, which in this case had lots of advantages. The main residence was split on three levels and the garage was on yet another level. Not to make the roof too busy, I designed the main roof to flow without ’visible’ steps.

As the project proceeded with these clients, it became obvious that their house had evolved into a blend of Environmental and Federation Revival styles;  a residential building with lots of charm, which was met with much joy by the clients.

Renders, drawings, under construction and lived in


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Contact John with any general enquiries, for a quote, or to arrange a site visit.

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